pierre pradier<a rel="nofollow" href="https://unsplash.com/photos/QEgWlY1uxwM">Puk Patrick / Unsplash</a>

Pierre Pradier is the founder and head of corporate strategy for New Horizons Global Partner. In the last 10 years, Pierre has invested in various start-ups in the field of human resources and technology, sectors that are becoming more and more established and more important.

New Horizons Global Parteners is not the only company that helps businesses in Asia. But what distinguishes the others and makes Pierre proud is the reputation of conformity, integrity and support achieved through the companies that establish themselves in these Asian markets in record time.

On the other hand, it also provides a dedicated account manager for each company to improve communication and establish a meaningful relationship with its customers.

He is currently working to communicate and implement a company’s strategy internally and externally so that all employees, partners, suppliers and contractors understand the company’s strategic plan and the way in which the company’s overall objectives are met. Moreover, Pierre believes that guiding the decision-making process allows to create improvements in the medium and long term.

This also allows us to establish and review key strategic priorities, translating them into a global strategic plan.